How to Use Color Therapy

"Chromotherapy affects the brain activity through the hypothalamus, the organ that regulates and controls the endocrine gland, consequently it also affects the energetic points on the human body that are associated to the autonomic nervous system and to the hormones regulation. The connotation of colours is strictly determined by the natural frequency intrinsic in every entity of the Universe and it is in relation with the light that goes through this entity as well as the senses that perceive it.Our body has a specific wavelength: what we perceive via our senses by interacting with the environment influences our dynamic balance." -


Red is made of fire and air, and it is the color of power. Red is the most stimulating and intense of all the colors, and thus generates energy and heat. 

This color raises blood temperature and stimulates circulation. so, red is used to care for people with anemia, fatigue, paralysis, and exhaustion.

Additionally, red increases the pitta dosha, and should be used carefully during hot times like summer. The light and dry nature makes it dangerous of the vata dosha as well. But, in doses can benefit kapha dosha. 

Concentrate on red for quick endeavors that involve monetary influx. 

Silicone Sleeve - Watermelon


Blue is made of air and ether. The coolest of the colors, it possesses light and sharp elements. Its soothing nature is perfect for the summer season and can counteract inflammatory issues such as burns, bruises, rashes and sores (while also helping with stress and anxiety). 

Blue opens the mind and promotes spirituality. It's a great color for pitta, which has a tendency to be hot. Kapha can benefit, too. Induce tranquility, regulate your sleep and cool your emotions by focusing on this color. 

Silicone Sleeve - Teal


Yellow signifies clarity and communication. Yellow is useful for increasing energy and motivation. 

Cleanse the body and mind while focusing on overcoming issues related to digestion, liver function, rheumatism and arthritis.

Silicone Sleeve - Sunshine


Calm and balance your mind and nervous system with green. This color has the power to induce a harmony within your body and balance your energy. If you struggle with problems of the heart and blood, headaches, metabolism... surround yourself with green. Good for pitta.

Silicone Sleeve - Hunter


Purple also calms the nervous system, and has the unique benefit of encouraging confidence in our daily lives. It is connected to the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and should be used to overcome health issues such as congestion. Wrap yourself in a purple blanket, or wear purple clothes to aid in joint stiffness. 

Silicone Sleeve - Pinot


White is made of ether and possesses no heat, moisture, stability, or weight. Dr. Halpern describes the nature of the color white as a “natural, effortless, expansive and flowing." 

Considered to be the most spiritual of all colors, it supports inner peace and growth. In the body, it  aids in removing toxins. A great choice for pitta. 

Focus on white for meditation and spiritual endeavors. 

Silicone Sleeve - Frost


Warning: when used to its full effect, Chromotherapy can be extremely powerful and can result in an intense emotional effect. Be careful not to overwhelm spaces with too much color.