The Best Crystal for Your Sign


Aries, the leaders of the Zodiac, are full of fire and power. But more often than not, riddled with self-doubt. Carnelian is the perfect stone to keep your spirits high and give you the confidence to live your truth. Carry this crystal with you every day for an extra bump of courage. 


Taurus, if you’re feeling out of touch with yourself, Garnet is the best stone to bring you back to your roots. It also has an aspect of sensuality, which is why keeping it under your bed can kick up your sex drive. 


Gemini, let’s connect to your highest spiritual state. Keep Clear Quartz on your person at all times to feel a sense of  clarity when your head is a mess. All of us, even Geminis, need to take a break from our scattered thoughts sometimes. 


Moonstone directly connects to the energy of the moon. Use this stone to call upon your inner spirit. When you’re feeling every emotion at once (as you do), Moonstone can direct your head and your heart and point you towards the truth about your feelings. 


Every Leo needs a little self-love at the end of the day. Tiger’s eye exudes a grounded vibration, especially when charged by the sun. After giving your best self to other people all day, recharge your heart with this stone. 


When it comes to Virgo, we know your well-being comes first. That’s why we’re suggesting Emerald as your perfect stone. This lucky stone is not only beautiful, but also considered to be a token of good fortune. Keep it in your home at all times. 


Hi, Libra. Your stone is Citrine. It exudes positive vibes and helps balance your inner energies. Citrine inspires confidence, stability and success in all aspects of life. We see you running to the store to get one now… 


Scorpio, it’s time to heal. Your birthstone, Malachite, turns negative energy into positive vibrations in times of emotional healing. Bonus: For added protection, Shungite in a stone that not only absorbs negative energy like an air purifier, but is said to ward off bad dreams. 


Sag, we see you. Bronzite will help give you the kickstart you need to make the change in your life you’ve been thinking about for so long. Your next adventure awaits. 


One word: cleanse. Peridot is the perfect tool to help facilitate an energy cleanse in order to open yourself to others. This stone eliminates feelings of envy to help better your relationships. 


Aquarius, get off your ass. All the shit you’ve been putting aside is rotting in the back of your mind. Say hello to Fluorite. This genius stone will give you the calm and focus to finally go for those big projects you’ve been talking about. 


Earth to Pisces. We love your vibes. Amethyst is the perfect stone to match your dreamy, other-worldly personality. This stone will bring you the calm and relaxation you need to fortify your spirit. Keep this stone in your home where you relax most often.