copper water bottle beach

With our brand name and connection to the Ayurvedic lifestyle, we felt it appropriate for our first blog post (yay!) to cover some of the basics about Ayurveda and water. One of the more favorable attributes of copper water bottles, besides the absorption of many health benefits, is that it is a natural insulator! This means if you put something cold in a copper bottle, it will stay cold longer than in bottles made of other materials. This is why our copper water bottles do not require double insulation to preserve temperature, and is great news for those of us who love a cold refreshing sip of water, especially while working out on a hot summer day. 

For those that are following an Ayurvedic approach, ice cold water is not ideal for drinking, since it can douse your digestive fire. Ayurveda suggests that when drinking water, it should be room temperature, and to start your day with a cup of warm water. This is the perfect way to set your body up for effective digestion throughout the day, and it clears out any toxins in your system. Most of us are dehydrated regularly without even realizing it, and there are some clear indications (besides the more recognizable signals) that your body gives you for thirst. You may be surprised to learn that some of the major indicators are dry lips, skin, and/or hair! Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger as well, so if you think you're hungry, try sipping some water before grabbing a bite. 

When consuming water with a meal, it's best to sip, so you don't fill your stomach with too much liquid. Drinking too much water at once doesn't leave enough room for food to give you proper nutrition and blocks the digestive juices you need for processing your meal! A great rule is 50% food, 25% water and to leave the remaining 25% empty. We're often told that we must drink 8 glasses of water per day, but really every body is different, and your lifestyle plays a huge factor in how much water you need, so it is important to pay attention to the signals both on the inside and outside of your body.

The key to hydrating properly is sipping slowly and consistently. Many people try to gulp down a glass at a time to hit their daily water intake, but according to Ayurveda, your body cannot absorb the water this quickly. Slowly sipping water throughout the day is the healthiest way to stay hydrated, and of course, keeping your AYUR bottle on hand is a great way to remember to sip wherever you go.