10 Ayurvedic Drug Store Products

You’re already practicing Ayurveda by drinking from our Copper Water Bottles everyday, why not take it a step further? To some, practicing Ayurveda may seem like too much of a commitment, but we put together a list of products you can find at Target (or your local drugstore) to help you add Ayurvedic practice into your life in small, simple ways.

Sesame Oil

Benefits: hydration, enhanced circulation, lymphatic stimulation, reduced stress

The act of self-massage or Abhyanga, is an Ayurvedic practice involving the application of warm oil all over the body. Typically, you’d use sesame or coconut oil depending on your dosha. Try this unscented sesame body oil from Neutrogena. Warm the oil in your hands, they apply in circular motions toward your heart. Allow time for the oil to soak into the skin, then hop in the bath or shower.

TIP: Give extra love to the parts of the body with more nerve endings like the scalp, hands and feet.


Coconut Oil

Benefits: teeth and gum health, teeth-whitening and breath-freshening, enhanced the senses.

Oil pulling is an ancient practice of using sesame or coconut oil as a mouthwash. It cleanses the body by removing toxins from the mouth.

Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to the tongue, which is believed to be closely connected to other organs. Coconut oil is antimicrobial as well.

Go full out by swishing one or two tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10 - 20 minutes. Or try this mouthwash with coconut oil:



Tongue Scraping

Benefits: improved breath and oral health, improved digestion, enhanced sense of taste

Overall health is closely related with the amount of toxins in the body. Right after you wake up, scrape your tongue to remove toxins and bacteria (ama) that accumulate in the mouth overnight. Scrape gently from back to front.

Use a stainless steel scraper for the best results, or try this plastic one:


Benefits: hydration and reduced inflammation

Since ancient times, cucumber has been used for its cooling effect. In Sanskrit, cucumber translates to "very cooling". The eyes are governed by the Pitta dosha, so applying cucumber directly to the eyes is most effective.  

Don’t know your dosha? Click HERE.


Benefits:  increased appetite, improves transportation, lears the microcirculatory channels, removes toxins, ignites the digestive fire, improve the secretion of digestive enzymes

An Ayurvedic sutra states that everyone should eat fresh ginger right before lunch and dinner to improve digestion.



Benefits: kindles digestive fire, helps reduce toxins

Turmeric is used in Ayurveda to balance every dosha. Its bitter taste and heating ability give it a cleansing energy. Traditionally, it's used to cleanse the channels and chakras. 


Bath Salts

Benefits: removes accumulated toxins, sweat and dirt from the skin, relaxes the mind, relaxes muscles, restores moisture 

Ayurveda describes bathing as a therapeutic activity and healing experience that restores physical energy to the body. A morning bath is an important part of the Ayurvedic daily routine.


Rose Water

According to the Ayurvedic, rose balances the subdosha of Pitta that controls the emotions. This goes out of balance easily in summer...

Roses soothe the heart and balance the mind. They are cooling, but also enhance the digestive fire, so they have the ability to balance all three doshas.


Yoga + Meditation

The prime philosophy of Ayurveda can be stated as this: "a healthy mind leads to a healthy body." Ayurvedic practice utilizes yoga and meditation for their positive effects on wellness.

Take advantage of the benefits of a simple pose at home:

Place a long body pillow lengthwise under the body, having the end meet the top of your buttocks near your tailbone. This will give you chest a nice lift as you open it towards the sky, and provide support for your upper body while your lower body naturally rests below where the pillow rests. - Happy Body Formula


Cook Book

Ayurveda promotes incorporating the six tastes into your daily diet: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and pungent. Spices are not only tasty, but they posses healing benefits. 

In Ojas : A Cookbook: Modern Recipes and Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Ayurveda, Nira Kehar combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with everyday dishes. 

You'll learn how to eat for your dosha, incorporate spices, change with the seasons and more.








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